Letter – Short Story

An evening with clouds dashing aloud, wind making the flowers to nod along, it’s this amazing smell of soil, small raindrops touching my hands, I rush towards a shop close by. Oh, something almost smashed. A purple envelope, with golden bow tied. Took it, no name and looked around, deserted! Following my temptations, opened and its a poetically way to apologize & love, addressed to someone. It heavily disturbed me, to forget & pass on isn’t possible. I waited in the rain, with that letter for many hours. None turned out & I’m not interested to leave the letter! Thinking how to make this letter reach its owner!!

Writing 101

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A Proud Indian

To Daily Post

Being born in a country where they use chilli for almost all dishes, one could easily guessed my stand for Ring of Fire! It has always been misunderstood adding chilli makes the food spicy. It is not the case in Indian foods. Chilli is not the only spice the food has. It is just one of all the spices list we add into it! Mustard, cumin, fenugreek, cloves, cardamom,  cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander,turmeric, tamarind, salt, some lentils, red dried chilli, green fresh chilli, are just the main spices included in the food. The list goes on and on depending on the dishes.

There has been always a reason, why these spices been involved in food for these many years. It’s all linked to the geographical location of the country. Our smart ancestors, analyzed the climatic conditions of the country, and added spices to the cooking, so it makes people to sweat. And sweat will reduce the feel of heat. In-turn need to consume lot of water, to not be dehydrated. Its all the history, that made as Indians, eat spicy food.

And again, spicy food – just doesn’t mean hot food! And I’m happy to be consuming Ring of Fire food. Food is one of the main thing, almost all Indians living in foreign soil will miss! I need a separate blog title to write about Indian foods.


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Sleep Like a Baby!

A famous phrase – ‘Sleep Like a Baby’, referring to sound sleep!

Is this anywhere close to truth? Being a friend of new parents, I saw their struggle to make the baby sleep. Dad & Mom take turns to be awake for the baby to sleep in his comfortable position. It may be a small move, small sound, little smell, can just wake the baby up! Who and in what basis someone designed this phrase? Or does this phrase make a whole different meaning out of it? Or maybe, we need to add some parts to the phrase, as

“Don’t Sleep Like Baby”!

With all these things to say, I sleep like a log. I don’t mind the sound, light, time, position or anything, I can sleep if I want to! And I can sleep while traveling in car, bus, train, plane, ship also. Though, I prefer not to sleep in two-wheelers or when I’m driving ;)! I fall asleep as I drop! Its definitely a Gift :). I know, many are jealous on me!

Daily Prompt: Sleep

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Young Heart Always!

The nature is to grow old.
A new born baby grow old to be a child.
A child to a teen,
A teen to a youth,
A youth to a middle aged,
And then to an adult (just we call that way! 😉 ).

It is always not just the body,
but also the mind with maturity,
the heart with lot of love,
the brain with experiences.

Whatever stage of my life I’m in,
I personally want my ‘child’ stage to be always in me somewhere.
It is a child who sees the world & think
& relate & feel wonderful about it!

I spend time with people in all ages,
and see the world through them.
I control (with consciousness ;)) a switch inside my brain,
at least once in a while will switch it to ‘child’ mode!

Feel the fresh breeze, beautiful sun, birds’ songs, neighbor’s smile,
shout in public (not often), dance in the road, get wet in rain,
laugh loud, do “crazy” things and many many more!
I want to start everyday as a new day of life in a new world…

Daily prompt: Young At Heart

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Superstitions exists, all across the Globe!

In response to: Coins to wish

My very first wish as ImageI could remember was in the main “Natarajar Temple” at Chidambaram, a small town in India. I was may be 11 or 12. It is not a fountain but a water well. Many people wishes and drops a coin in there. More than belief, I’m so curious to do that. First time, I think, I wished for to get a dress which I wanted so badly for my Birthday. Of course, I got it, by convincing my Dad. I had wished many things after that by dropping coins in the well. To pass in an exam, to get a bicycle, to get good scores, to get a job and so many more. Almost everything I wished for, came true! Or, I won’t wish anything that will not happen for real! I thought, this is only being followed in India, where many cultures mix and we Indians like some sweet sentiments & superstitions.

It turned out, its everywhere across the globe. My first visit to Rome and the Fontana di ImageTrevi surprised me. Where I came across the same superstition. I also wished and dropped a coin in the fountain. This time my wish didn’t turn out! I was also making a coin wish during my second trip to Rome, even then it didn’t come true. Now, I’m thinking, may be it is just the wells that actually bring the wishes true and not fountains!

Yet another funny belief is the lock and key for lovers. This, I experienced for the first time in Krakow, Poland. And later noticed, this sentiment is in almost all major cities in Europe. One another best part of the coins wish is even the duplicate Trevi fountain in Las Vegas had some coins inside! 😀 People across the globe where ever you are likes to follow some strange beliefs including me!!

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Who is a better music director in India : Illayaraja or AR Rahman?

Answer by Sathyamyla Kanthabhabhajeya:

Born in the time of Illayaraja and grown up with ARR, I definitely pick ARR. As I always tell to my friends, voting for ARR doesn’t mean I don’t like Illayaraja. Both share similar characters.

  • Both of them are genius.
  • Both are simple and down to earth.
  • Both touched highest of peaks in their profession.
  • Both love music.
  • Both experiment new things into music.
  • Both knew the pulse of the audience.
  • Both are living legends.

Mentioning all these similarities, why ARR went one step ahead in my view is: His border-less music journey and experiments. People criticize him for westernizing our music. But, he is making us travel to different countries, see different cultures, feel different sounds and enjoy through his music.

Language, distance, culture, are not the boundary for music. ARR’s experiments on bringing in new sound from combining different small instruments is always a hit. He searches for the best artist, finds specialist from nook and corner of the world, bring them to light. He gives importance to each and every note that is played and the combination as an album.

At this moment, I also agree, Illayaraja do his experiments in a different areas. But, I just like ARRs. Never ever bored of his musics. Here are some which makes to feel the music in the heart..

1. With a good headphones or home theatre, one can notice many different small instruments that he takes along..

2. In this one can feel how the song floats in the beginning and bring in energy to the end..

3. Always his voice is a plus..

4. Anybody can feel any religion

5. International recognition.. The time he and his team spend to find the talented one.. just amazing.. What a mix of sounds!

6. A recent super dooper hit melody..

7. He knows exactly when to use drums and to what level..

8. Again with his voice and the music.. whenever a NRI hears this song, would make him/her think to book a ticket to India..

9. His introduction.. After being pianist for Illayaraja.. here is his ever green work with piano..

10. Vandemataram.. A new version.. A new life..

I definitely have missed a lot of his best.. Pls welcome to add it to the comments.. Love ARR.. And definitely Like Illayaraja..

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What are some things Indians should learn from the rest of the world?

Answer by Sathya:

About Me: Grown up in India for more than 20 years and living in Sweden for more than 5 years.

I would like to be more specific to one particular point that we Indians need to learn from developed nations around the world.


Knowledge about Law: When mentioning about Law, I’m NOT asking all the citizen of India to take a graduation in Law! But, it is most necessary to know at least the basic elements of Indian Constitution. A person should be able to answer “What is Democracy?”, “What is Freedom & Freedom of Speech” and so on.

Responsibility is the price of freedom.”Elbert Hubbard

“Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no
better than we deserve.” – George Bernard Shaw

This is the important thing, the citizens of a biggest democracy of the world should know about. Spitting/Urinating in roads, Not following traffic rules, Always trying to get an illegal short cut, Bypassing safety rules, Not knowing our own Fundamental Rights, Not knowing about women rights, Not VOTING, are NOT what we get from freedom. Everything gets its base from being illiterate about our own Law/Constitution.

I have always wondered and admired people in Sweden for this. They don’t talk loud about their political views, but they know what their law says. At least the fundamental laws. They know their law on property rights, law on traffic & safety rules, law on civil obedience, law on health, law on freedom of speech, law on different taxes and many more. They read about it, they use it in day today life. They are not like us, who study these things in “History & Civics” subject in school and just forget after the exams.

The citizens of India including me, need to learn what is freedom. We have paid a lot of lives to get the freedom. Now we need to teach ourselves on how to maintain it with Responsibility. If Government asks to wear Helmets while driving two wheeler – It is for OUR safety. Rules are not defined to be broken. It is our responsibility to obey the rules, so the Govt. can function properly. I think, this if we learn from Sweden (to be more specific), will change and improve our Indian society drastically. Our country is growing and we need be grownups and stop expecting someone with a stick behind us and ordering what to do & what not do. Consider your responsibility to move our country forward.

I don’t want to be someone who complains about India & Indians after getting into a comfort zone. I’m just trying to answer the question that has been asked here! There are always many things the western world need to learn from India too. But let’s bite the truth and Learn what is Freedom, Learn what is Democracy, Try to be responsible and Bring in the difference in the nation.

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