My First Blog.. :)

Happy Father’s Day (dedicated to my sweet dad)


Its now already many yrs that I have spent in this world,


Having all fun,
Seeing all world,
Talking to all people,
Enjoying the complete nature,
Taking steps forward,
Facing challenges,
Learning new things day by day,
Listening melodies,
Dancing like a butterfly,
Playing with harmony and 
Doing everything with a thought in my mind saying
That YOU are always beside me, 
To Hold me when I shiver,
To Hug me when I am scared,
To Boost me when I am down,
To Catch me when I fall and 
To Love me as always..
And I need you till I have my life pa..
Happy Fathers Day pa.. 
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6 Responses to My First Blog.. :)

  1. Dr.Jeya says:

    Dear Sathya it is very is touching the heart. well expressed. have anice day.jeya

  2. thala says:

    wat trying to acta

  3. Vaikunta says:

    hai doopu vidathe by dr chithappa

  4. Sathya says:

    Unmaiya sona nadikarennu solreenga!! 😉

  5. Babs says:

    Nice mavalae nice.

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