Movies that I Like..

Just a few days back, there was a conversation with my family..
A question arised! Which movie do you like?
And some answer followed.. “She likes all the movies she watch”
Then the conversation continued and ended with a normal non-conclusive end.. 🙂
This time in my blog, I would like to write about the different types of movies (and try to be non-biased)I rather prefer mostly to analyze Tamil movies..
A movie can be of different type..
A commercial..
Even further more..
If we classify the people who tends to watch the movie in theaters (In Tamil Nadu)..
People who go for..
Entertainment (or time pass)
Favorite actor/actress
Good storyline
Good performance
Good use of technology
And so on..
Now to analyse a good movie..
How do we define a good movie to be..
After watchin the movie you come out,
-With a happy heart and happy family (Hero Wins like Gilli, Padayappa)
-Laugh a lot.. (Comedy movies like Friends, Thillu Mullu)
-Happy but little affect of the movie’s story (Like Anbe sivam, Thalapathy)
-With Heavy heart, thinking of the movie and its character for next 3 days (Paruthi veeran, Kuruthi punal)

I see, a good movie, is not just a storyline with social importance in it..
and a movie where they show the real hard life of day to day people..
and a complete commercial with no social importance too..
I  feel, a good movie,
one that has taken social importance as its key..
added some masalas (as we do for our day today cooking)
and make it a little commercial (with a fight, love, comedy)
and the hero wins at the end.. 🙂 (Mudhalvan, Anniyan, Roja, Ramana, etc)
I see this is same as once own communciation skills..
If we need to make the other listen to a good thing you say,
Then we must present it in a good way..
If the movie industry want to send out a good message..
Then it should present in a good way to make the message reach ordinary person..
A normal man will not go to a theater and watch heart whelming film, after a hectic day of work..
Which means.. the good messaged movie is not reaching everyone..
A positive ending or atleast a neutral ending movie will make the person watching it more energetic and send out a positive energy around.. And this will lead to positive growth in the environment.. 🙂

To have little touch of English movies as well..
Some examples of good movies (for me) in Hollywood..

King’s Speech
Terminator (Part II)
Cast Away, The Terminal
Bourne Identity
And so on.. As you see,.. Hero wins.. 🙂

I finish this blog and lets continue the arguments and enjoy watching movies.. 🙂

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6 Responses to Movies that I Like..

  1. thala says:

    Hi sis…Ur post is good…Improvement in ur language skill….I have as far as now… how do u convert a tragic movie into happy ending movie…give me some examples…Only the tragic end in the movie like paruthi veran made as to think about the movie… so I think not all happy or neutral ending movies could give good message…

  2. thala says:

    Also sis answer ur old post comments…

  3. Sathya says:

    Lets take an vote from our family.. how many of our family members has watched that film in a theater?? Thats the problem with tragic end.. It cannot pass the message to every person.. !!!

  4. thala says:

    ho!!! that is not the right answer… people dont want to go to theatre bcoz they dont be the so much crowd and other stuffs…Dont just compare it with our family…give a general answer…

  5. Babu Raja says:

    Nicely portrayed ur view

  6. Babu Raja says:

    ரொம்ப ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு… 😉

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