Challenge vs Challenges

Sudden thoughts of world and no wonder made me to think in an unusual way and write this short note.. 😉

The title, it’s more of a same word, that could be used in different ways. Gaining knowledge of the difference, helps to gain knowledge of the similarity.

A Challenge – Initiated by our own
As a human, we like to challenge; If one is confident on the work they do.. or confident on their own physic condition.. or confident on their own game.. or confident on another person or player or actor..
Then they will be ready to “Challenge” with others on their confidence.

Challenges – Initiated by itself
We humans, talk, think and worry about our problems.. Different person, different problems, and in different levels of deepness.. These problems which we otherwise call as “Challenges”.. This time, someone who knows our strengths is throwing out different “Challenges” and has a confidence in us and thinks we will WIN..
Challenge your Challenges and win both of them.. 🙂
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6 Responses to Challenge vs Challenges

  1. thala says:

    How do u think we get motivated to face problems-(the challenges)? we just sit back, worry about it and do nothing thats all….

  2. sathya says:

    That's the thing I am trying to analyze here..Why to sit back and worry.. Why can't take that as our own Challenge and come up?? That's how the name originated I think!

  3. Babu Raja says:

    Problems which otherwise known as …..??

  4. thala says:

    I m question was how do u think everyone will think like wat u said…?dont just say u have take it and face it…Unless we see some improvement me won't work again…

  5. sathya says:

    There are a lot of improvements you can feel.. Facing different challenges, make you more confident and more experienced. Even from a small challenges, we can learn a lot. As an English proverb says 'its better to participate and lose than not to'. If one see their challenges as a challenge and try to put his/her best into it, life will be quite interesting to every human 🙂 Thunbam varugaiyul naguga 🙂

  6. thala says:

    Ok…I accept wat u say but wat if they lose after all the hardwork…they will be disappointed and they won't work the next time as they worked in the first time…

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