Thoughts of Young Bloods of India – Part 1

A weekend, after lunch conversation, started with a question..
‘Is India’s growth that’s happening now is good? Is every Indian is growing economically?
What is our (the young blood of India) contribute??’..
We five, me and along with my friends started like small chit chat..

One of my friend asked, “Aren’t we supposed to do something for our country?”
Yes. Absolutely! Everyone agreed! But what to do? and how to do? And to whom to do? Whats the purpose of doing?

We all know, India’s economic status is growing. Rest of the world are getting scared of the growth of our country. We have huge human-power, we have huge area, we have comparatively huge resources like sun light, sea waves, rivers and so on. Definitely Obama would get some scary dreams about our growth!

But, are we really growing in the right way? What do you think? IT industry is developing, Manufacturing is also developing but slowly, Telecommunication is developing, so are we developing? What happened to agriculture? What happened to small scale industries like weaving, mills and so on? Can we find the development in those as well? If we think, the answer is definitely NO!

Our country’s economic growth make ‘the Richer richest and the Poorer poorest’! Then there comes the economic imbalance! Once the middle class people in our country, steps up to the next level, then the people in the level below will start to think! “If he(middle-class) can move to the next level, why should I(poor) be getting down? This instinct could make the people who are poor, to try to take themselves what ever they need from the rich. Robbery, kidnapping, killing and murdering, threatening and all sort of things would emerge only for the reason of Money. This is the same situation happened in French Revolution. The poor started to take money from the rich. This is because, the poor also wanted to become rich (which is quite obvious)!

Okay!! This picture looks scary even to think of it. There is also one more big problem in our country, the caste system. If we just follow caste in papers and official documents, then no problem at all. But this is not the case for us. Still every individual follow caste within one’s own mind. “I am a youth, and I don’t follow or show any difference between castes” – Is this is what you think, then absolutely you are not telling the truth. Lets ask our-self a question, how are we treating our daily worker at our home? Are we trying to give equal priority as we do for our friends? Do we know where they live? Do we tend to care and spend some time talking to them about their life, health and family? At-least, how are you? No. Each of us including me, have lot of other things to do like listening to music, chatting with friends, watching movie and so on. Isn’t this discrimination! Yes, absolutely, it is. So, it still exists, even in the younger generation of our country. Its not because we want to discriminate people, its because, this is how we are grown up.

Lets come back to the main issue, which might attack our country due to this fast economic growth. What as an individual we can do? Definitely as a normal person cannot start a revolutionary teams and try to change every other citizen. And its also not good to stop the growth of our country. One thing we can do is, spread the development. Don’t just enjoy with your family and friends, we need to try to widely spread this growth. One best way, I and my friends thought is to spread education. Put your effort to educate children, how many children you can, do it. It can be in any means, sponsor their tuition fees or bare their complete expenses for books and notebooks or to provide them good food and education together or any other. Either we do it ourselves directly or through some trustful organizations. Give your support. Now, as a beginning software engineer earns a monthly salary of 20,000INR approx. May be after tax, he/she gets 18k in hand. Won’t it be able to spend Rs.600/- per month for a child’s education!

Think! And not just think, but then Act Fast! India.., our country…, needs us!

Courtesy: This blog is not just from my thoughts, its the discussion we had and I have put it here in my words. And also to note, there is one sponsoring team “World Vision India” through which you can educate children. They are quiet a big organization and good in doing the things. This is not for advertisement, it is for people who really want to do something, but don’t know the way, here is a good start.

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2 Responses to Thoughts of Young Bloods of India – Part 1

  1. Babs says:

    Good . Quite interesting. Dad

  2. sathya says:

    So dad, will you start doing something more to our country from today??

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