Thought Process

I am not a psychiatrist, to give a speech about human’s thoughts! And Definitely, this article is not with loads of advices! But just to invoke our thought process.
A normal human thinks.. think about the world.. think about other people.. think about food, clothes.. think about things they like.. think about things they don’t like.. think about something and also think about nothing..
And for sure.. this is what we all think.. And don’t have any doubt at your mental health.
Lets start to think about ourselves.. And start with a question..
Who we are to this world!
A human, is a living species (according to wikipedia). Just like other species in this world (Tiger, parrot, mosquito, pig, bacteria, amoeba, herbs, bushes, flower and so on). A species some what bigger in size and have different techniques from others.
Now think of next question.. What a world is to the sun?
World is just one of the planet, not so big and not so small rotating itself just like other 8 planets do and revolving the sun.

What a sun is to the universe?
It is one of the star just like millions of other starts. Supposed to be the biggest, but not sure. and giving rays of heat and light.
What a universe (Milky Way) to the other universes?
It is just like the other universe.. holding some planets and some stars.. and even not the biggest of all.. No one knows yet how many other universes are there above us..
Now lets think.. and re-ask.. who we (human) are to the undiscovered big universe?
We are simply nothing! We all now there are thousands of microbes in air and food and everywhere around us that we couldn’t see and feel. Same way, there are so many more things above us..
Remember these questions and answers, when you forget to rule your thought and in-turn your thoughts begin to rule you!!
Thinking of past alone.. And Thinking of future alone.. will make a man to saturate at a single point.
Learn from the mistakes of your past (don’t repeat it).. Dream through the future (but not just day-dreaming).. Act accordingly at the present (put your best effort in all situations)..
This article is a thought process what I am trying to implement in my life and wanted to share to all my friends and family..
With a final touch.. Thinking is like a good and tasty food.. But too much of its consumption lead to trouble..
A quote from Tamil: “Nallathe ninnai.. Nallathe nadakkum..”

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One Response to Thought Process

  1. Babu Raja says:

    rombha think pani iruka pola??

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