How high are you?

There arise a question ‘how high are you?’

We grow.. 
Growth could be our growth in height.. 
Growth could be our growth in age..
Growth could be our mental growth of maturity..
From the day we born on this earth.. Every year without fail our age is growing.. 
In a non-linear (as I am having a control background, using the terminologies from that ;)) fashion our height grows.. Some years we grow only few millimeters and some other time we grow suddenly very high! This growth happens only until some age..
Then, what happens to mental growth! How thats supposed to grow?
Well! As a kid we might not know that sand and stones are not to be eaten.. So we try to eat them at first and then learnt that its not our food! Days roll on.. Then the questioning attitude starts to develop.. We ask the question ‘WHY’ every minute.. Why the sun is up there? Why the moon is half? Why we are not eating by our nose? Why! Ofcourse, every single human would have passed this stage.. 
Later on.. the mind matures further.. and abruptly stops or just reduce its questioning ability.. Now we might start thinking we are a genius ourself.. Whats the point in asking others our doubts! So, either we try to search some books and sources to get the answers.. Or imagine ourself the answer and also start to believe that our answer would be the right answer.. 
Further our mental ability grows.. We starts to predict future..  we would start knowing the past of any person just by watching his activities.. We would start to throw advices to others how to behave in their present (as we have the ability to predict their future and we already know their past)!!
Now again our mind grow.. Here comes a most important part.. If others listen to us and act accordingly, we know for sure, he/she will be perfectly winning their life.. If not, there is no doubt!!!
As we look back, the growth process of our mental skills, first we try to experiment ourself.. And then decide which is good and which is bad.. In the next stage, we ask to others who has knowledge about this and then tries to understand them.. These two stages are good..
Third stage could be good, only if we search and look for real answers.. 
After this, some crucial step the mind is taking.. ‘I am ALWAYS RIGHT’! I am right to me. I am right to others. I am right at my political ideas. I am right at my research. I am right at Stock exchange. I am right at everything! 
What if you are Wrong? Absolutely, there is nothing wrong in ‘Being Wrong’. Every human being cannot be right! Of course there would be always some wrong! According to me, the acceptance of the mind to ‘Being wrong’ is the growth that every individual is missing from their 3rd stage of mental growth. It is always easy to point at someone that you are wrong and it is always difficult to accept that I am wrong and I will try not to repeat it! 
To finish this article with my usual tamil proverb touch.. “matrorai sutti kutram koorugaiyil, mitra moondru viralgal un marbai suttuthada!”
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2 Responses to How high are you?

  1. Babs says:

    Hello my dear MavalaeGood blog – information.Last tamil proverb is not suited at this juncture.Instead you can say, " Let us accept our mistakes and try to correct it". I think it is enough.

  2. Sathya says:

    Yes agreed! This proverb suits only for the last stage what I refer to in my blog! Not for the complete topic.. Noted.. 🙂

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