Dusky or Fair!!!

Being an Indian girl, I feel it would be a most certain topic to discuss and share ideas on Dusky and Fair girls in India! 

I would like to start with some refreshing facts from Indian History.. 
According to Historians and geologists, earlier form of globe had a huge mass of land together and surrounded by water. After so many evolutions of earth, the land broke into pieces and forms different continent.. India is a country formed by an island that got broken from south-east parts of Africa. While merging with Asia,  it has formed our great Himalayas… 
So, after our short tour on geological study, lets discuss.. People in India has to be evolved from parts of Africa. As civilization in India faced lots of changes and challenges like the Mughal Rule in the north, British rule almost in the entire country, a sound and notifiable diversity in the physical structure of people in India happens to be seen. For example, a girl from districts of thirunelveli, TamilNadu is definitely different from a Punjabi girl. Even a south tamilian girl has a different physic compared to a keralite. This mixture and diversity causes some dominations in some groups of people! 
A girl’s skin tone has important facts to play a role in her life in India. I am interested to narrow my circle to discuss about south Indians as we could see a rather proportionate mixing of people with two different skin tones. Even the state of Tamil Nadu is having very high percentage of literacy rate, still fair and dusky skinned is facing the difference in treatment!! 
Lets check out the points, advantageous to fair and dusky girls.. 
Fair girls, 

Looks brighter… Almost everyone admires her beauty.. Any colored clothes suits her.. Expect more self-respect.. Even if the personality of her doesn’t look so good, her skin tone makes her look perfect.. 
Dusky girls,
Looks confident… Light colored dresses suits her.. Not at the first look, but definitely after having the discussion people starts admiring her.. Has a very positive attitude for herself.. Her actual personality is well projected (for example the shape of her nose, eyes, lips are nicely noticeable).. This is also a bad thing about her tone as if she doesn’t hold any good physic, it would be abruptly visible to others.. 
There are equally good points in both tone.. Its barely tone of skin.. The discrimination starts from the very beginning of her birth.. A confidence of a girl improves, if she feels confidence of her physic and beauty.. A more confident girl can make her whole family confident, by rising her children in confidence.. 
As we are noticing, every 10 minutes in the TV stating an advertisement, fair skin in just 7 days, have a try or money back!! Why is these things necessary? Why can’t a girl be beautiful as she is? Why can’t a dusky skinned girl be herself and enjoy her beauty? Why a thought of only fair girls are beautiful turns up? Even though, a dusky skinned girl has so many good qualities and good features in her physic, is left un-noticed almost by everyone.. 
A country’s own discrimination of its own people.. If this is still there, how can we say UK and Australia are racist to us?? Lets think and start giving our own girls more confidence.. Say to your friends, family who are dusky skinned girls that they look beautiful.. And this true color makes her more natural.. More cultural and traditional girl.. Lets move towards an un-discriminated world, where we are all just people and no difference.. 
These are my thoughts after watching Neeya Naana a Vijay TV programme telecasted on 15.09.2011.. 🙂
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3 Responses to Dusky or Fair!!!

  1. Babs says:

    Good. Since I have already seen the reality show at Vijay TV Neeya Naana prog with our indian girls (both the group), your blog doesn't give much impact.Any how the last two sentences are so good.Let us enjoy the natural beauty.

  2. Sathya says:

    Thanks for your feedback! Yes, one thing is correct that it has more similarities to that Neeya Naana show! But one major difference.. In that show they discussed about Which girl is more beautiful: Dusky or Fair? But in my blog I agreed that both girls are beautiful, but why in south India a major discrimination to the dusky girls!!

  3. Babu Raja says:

    Vijay Tvila neeya nanna poi irukalam..

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