Wedding Anniversary

The night before..
Surrounded by friends.. laughter.. joy.. giggling..
Relatives walk in and pass by..
Mother caring to take some sleep..
When everyone lay down to sleep.. still some movements could be felt..
A scary thought crosses mind..
What a big thing is about to happen!! A question arises within..

The day..
Could see the beautiful dawn..
Smell the fresh breeze of air..
Gets lot of attention..
And ready for the show..

See each other..
Feel each other by the sight..
A small smile and shy throws a weird look into the faces.. though beautiful..

Here is the new path begins..
To take steps together..
Cross hills, mountains, lakes, gardens, flowers and passes together..
Lets walk hand in hand..

This is how my mom and dad would have felt more than quarter of a century now..
On their day of wedding..

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One Response to Wedding Anniversary

  1. Babs says:

    Good. Something different way of defining Wedding Day – its good.pkbhaba

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