The Astonishing Rome and The Gorgeous Paris – Part 1

Five days of travel, to the two prestigious cities in Europe; The one city which has been a capital city for more than 2500 years in this world and hence holding all its long lasting memory through its architectures and culture, The ROME. The other city, which had faced the two major destruction created by humans and still standing with its profound beauty and amazingly grown architectures, The city of lights, PARIS.

This post is going to be like my traveler’s diary, sharing the joy, fun, tiredness, experiences, thrills and taste of the trip. Me and my cousin started our trip with a big difficulty of getting up early in the morning! It was pleasant start in the morning from Sweden to Rome. As we know the geographical locations of countries in Europe and of course we know Italy lies to the far South of Sweden and predicted the weather in Rome would be far good than Sweden and got prepared ourselves with light clothes. The sun shines and spreads its rays to give a warm welcome to us in Rome, the city of History (I would say so). Our enthusiastic journey started with a long train journey enjoying and wondering how much buildings in Rome is similar to outskirts of Chennai, a city in India. We started noticing Graffiti in public buildings, in apartments, in trains, in metros and every where, which arose a question ‘Is it an intentional design by the Govt?’! With thoughts running in mind and taking some pictures around, we reached the Termini (Central station) of Rome. From my previous visit I could get a glimpse of the station and the streets surrounding but nothing good enough to help us! The Welcome Piram Hotel, is very close to Termini with a walk for just 2mins, reached and registered ourselves. The late check in time made us to start our explorations of Rome immediately without any rest. We felt the weather looks good, pleasing and planned to walk through and reach the Colosseo.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
A clear blue sky, with some clouds here and there, sun shining, birds flying through the sky, and comes the wind not so soft as I expected! Vooo., after a walk for 10mins, we felt we made a mistake of predicting the weather! Though, the enthusiasm made us walk and reach the first Basilica in Rome. Gigantic, with an obelisk, streets around formed different patterns, a gang of pigeons made this architecture an amazing place, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Many shots around us and started our walk, now not in search of Colosseo, but to an Italian Pizzeria. Its our lunch time, the cold wind, light clothes, long walk and also very early breakfast made us very hungry and we get hit of a Pizzeria. Small, compact, a bit cheap to get started with our long waiting Italian Pizzaaaa! Here it comes…. 


The Colosseo
Naaaahhh, that was not what we expected, may be its just the restaurant made it like this.. So, after a fast meal started to Colosseo. Walk, walk, walk and walk, luckily its a down street. Ohh yaaahh. There we see the Colosseo, in between the buildings, WOWW, that’s the expression from both of our mouths and ran towards it. One more miss prediction of buying tickets in less queue, thinking that all the crowd that is standing in queue are not as intelligent as we are! But not again, after a 10mins walk we understood, we are not as intelligent as we thought, no cash, no ticket! We only cards!! So, as we stood in the queue for half an four and got our tickets and audio guide, we started to walk and listen to the guide. We noticed point no.1 and listened completely to the story from the guide, then walk pass it in search of point no.2 where we come to notice that, we had been listening to the guide for 15mins in a wrong point no.1! What’s wrong with us? Too much excitement or what? Then and there photo sessions. The beautiful clear sky began to hide under the dark clouds and it started to rain along with the wind.

The stage for the Gladiators
The climate was not favorable for us, but we were not reactive persons at that time; we were proactive, we enjoyed walking round and round the Colosseo. We listened to each and every point in the guide and took pictures holding the umbrella. Thought about the history, felt the historical crowd that would have gathered in this place, seen how Christianity came into Rome and also imagined the braveness of those Gladiators. I also cross verified the movie Gladiator then and there and thought about Russell Crowe in the middle of the stage of the broken Colosseo. By that way we finished our tour to Colosseo, and ended up in a restaurant for a coffee and to escape from rain. Two hungry stomachs, in a restaurant with tasty food around, couldn’t resist to just buy a coffee, we went for french fries and a cappuccino. This is it, we couldn’t bare the climate, and no energy to walk back to hotel, we discovered Metro in Rome and again Graffiti. A beautiful room, with air-condition made us sleep for a short while and now with heavy clothes, we are perfectly ready to face Rome’s weather at night.


Piazza di Navona
Took a bus to the middle of the city and started walking through each and every small streets in Rome. The night view of Rome is extraordinary! First we reached a street full of Christmas shops and colorful lights and full of life and seen a big building standing very quietly behind the shops! Its the Piazza di Navona and just before it stands the Four River Fountain with wonderful sculpture. Its the Egyptian Obelisk standing before every historical buildings which gave us some identification while searching the places.

The Pantheon

After a La Ciambella Roma (Donut with Nutella), exploration continued through the short streets. Only after 5mins, we ended up turning right and felt a shock on seeing a huge, gigantic masterpiece of Rome the Pantheon. Its like when we walk into each street, we get amazed with some structures standing there like a man 100times bigger than Hagrid (a character from Harry Potter) and we are like hobbits standing underneath him! Though the Pantheon is closed, we had a great time watching the majestic look of this building and its architecture from outside.

Fountain Triveri
The day of excitation continues in search of Fountain Triveri. Following the Trip Advisor map in my iPhone and wondering about the beauty of the city Rome, suddenly we could hear some water flow and very nice lighting at the end of a street. Oh! there we are, at the Fountain Triveri and stuck in the stunning beauty of it and sat before and enjoyed by just staring at this marvelous man made beauty for a while. Then comes the main part of making a wish and throwing a coin to the pool. We both had many wishes to make, but we tried to restrict ourselves to top two important wishes. So we made the wish two coins in euros and rest two in Swedish Kronar (Keeping fingers crossed, that the God shouldn’t have any problem to exchange it!).
Piazza di Venezia
With that we continued our walk again, on the way we dashed into the Column of Marcus Aurelius which holds very detailed but small inscriptions for the entire column. The roads around were decorated with lights of Italian flag colors and at the end and the center of the city stands the Piazza Venezia with Christmas lights at the garden in front of it. The Italian flags fly with pride, we had a thought this was the Italian Parliament and was eager to go inside it the very next day!

Yes! Now our energy levels has gone down, but even then our cameras didn’t get tired yet! As we search for a metro station, we passed through the Colosseo again in night. Got in touch with a metro stop and went back to the hotel and for sure, we got one the very best sleep due to the long long long walk which we made today and the one that is waiting for next day!

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