Twists & Thrills

Imagine yourself driving a car alone on a long straight road with no much scenery alongside. No traffic, no chasing, no music, no bumps and no curves. After a very few minute, the pressure of boring knocks at the head. Our hands, legs, ears, eyes, brain and heart try to do something other than just driving! This, I in turn compare to Life. Imagine, nothing is happening new, no worries, no happiness, no angry, no crying, no arguments, no joy, no fun. Life would start to get bored. It needs Twists & Thrills like a Roller Coaster. We go high up to the air and fall down to the ground, swing around, turn around, fly about and enjoy.I believe, Life with this kind Twists & Thrills make one a more confident, more challenging, more optimist person. No one would like a boring life. Even life full of happiness would start to get bored. The brain is an amazing creation, it fears until something happens, but if it did happen the brain starts to think how to adapt or to solve or to change or to enjoy the happening. These twists & thrills make a life most perfect one to celebrate by living! Enjoy your Roller Coaster ride of Life with Twists & Thrills..

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