Zeee Booom Baaa

I will
             Move the clouds, make to shed its rain in drought..
I will
             Give a smile, in hearts of poor people..
I will
             Save the trees, from whom they cut it.. 
I will
             Protect the animals, to roam freely in its home..
I will
             Change people’s mind, to not to be selfish.. 
I will 
             Remove the word ‘War’, from every language’s dictionary.. 
I will
             Stop children dying, out of hunger..
I will 
             Make this world a home, for all living creatures.. 
I will 
             Do all I listed.. If I had a Magic Wand! 
I wish, 
              I had the Magic Wand!!   Zeee.. Boomm.. Baaa..  
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One Response to Zeee Booom Baaa

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm.,,I too wish that u could do the above said things,casting an unbreakable spell to do things in a whisker!Nice thoughts!I "wish" u would…

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