Beauty of Gothenburg

After discussing some strong topics, this is time to take something light. Beauty of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden from my first sight which is now before 4 years and plus. Ofcourse I was young and my first time flying out of India. My feeling was very new to me, scared, excited, anxious, confused all at one time! My first thought was, I didn’t wanted to make the common mistake of almost every passenger flying first time in flight do with the seat belts, so I was very careful listening to air-hostess ! Flight journey was good and I realized Frankfurt airport is really huge. With my window seat, clouds, blue sky, bright sun, increased my level of excitation. There came the announcement of landing, lucky me, with deep right turn of the flight with a view of the coastal line of the city, my expression was just wow, literally open mouthed! Until now, that flight ride was the best.
Getting touch with my visitor, the bus ride from airport to city, with all the colors of the tree during autumn is still in my eyes. I was the only one taking pictures of the trees and the road. It was a bright day, with clear sky, lined up with tress in different colored dresses like yellow, orange, red, pink, some with light green, and so many more. Once reaching the city, first time confused with the traffic rules, since all cars and buses go in wrong direction, no one maintaining Left, later realized Right was right! Trams are super cool, running in normal speed along with the buses and cars. Everything was so new, no ticket checkers in trams and buses, city roads are super clean, no one looked at me strangely, trams had airconditioner, peeped into  entrance of Chalmers (my Univ) from the tram, dogs just sat next to me and i was not sure if I am supposed to get scared or not!
With the moment of enjoyment of my first tram ride, started enjoying my room with beautiful view from window. Getting to know things by myself was lot of fun than someone teaching us. This is the time I started enjoying learning from mistakes formula. It was quite fun! Almost everyone spoke English except the public service officials ;). Sometimes if I have no clue on what is happening, I blindly followed the crowd and figured out. Photography became my hobby, started loving nature, long walks and discovering new routes were my free time activities. Sweden became more interesting with my two first swedish friends who helped me to socialize with others, I bet they both should had lot of patience with my innocence! Everyday was a new experience. Amazed with how expensive things are, people are interestingly kind, helping natured. One lady just walked with me for 5 mins to show me the right direction, while she need to go back where she was from! Anyone would give you a smile, if you smile at them.
My First snow, which actually was just a hail. Months pass, darker days started, even then my excitement for Gothenburg never faded. When the days get darker, I started the enjoying the chill, cold, winter and the beautiful christmas decorations and lights everywhere. I tend to see the decorations in each house I pass by, which brings bright smile in me. And when time went back for one hour the first time, oh wow, now we change the time! After getting snowfall, I tend put my foot where ever I find a pile of snow and take a picture. Snow adds brightness to your day. Slippery  roads, rainy winter, windy rain are typical nature of Gothenburg, each proves its own beauty of the city. “Any weather is good weather, if you dress up accordingly” – is a swedish proverb, which makes total sense to this city.
All climates change in exact one or two days. It was quite a cold winter, and after some two days in the month of May it was Spring. Flowers everywhere, colorful flowers, the pink tree season is the one still I love to be in Gothenburg. Life of this city can be felt in the seasons of Spring and Summer. When there is sun, people tend to come out and show their face to the bright sun light! First I laughed watching them do it, later I started following it. Summer was next best season with lot of activities, even the city crowd will be less because of vacations, it is wonderful to enjoy the green Gothenburg. Colorful dresses, fashionable accessories everything pop out when there is sun. It feels like everything happened just yesterday, my first snow man, snow ball fight, bike ride, liseberg theme park, birthday gifts, surströmming, trip to copenhagen, best Da Gang, along with this beautiful city, made my initial days of Sweden, most memorable ones.
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2 Responses to Beauty of Gothenburg

  1. Mahsa says:

    Very beautifully written. We use to take many of these beauties for granted when seeing them every day. Now I got the chance to experience all of it as if seeing all for the first time! Thank you Sathya=)

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