Cultural Emergency

A terrifying incident which made many Indian citizens to think, talk and discuss about women rights, equalities, socio-cultural change in society is the Delhi Gang rape of a 23 year old girl. Though there has been so many brutal and similar rape cases we come across, I honestly agree this is the one which made me as a girl to think, talk, discuss and now to write. There has been many discussion forums from media, different points from politicians, police officials, women welfare organizations, and more over so many blogs by common people like me discussing this issue of safety for women in our country.The first feeling that I experienced after this news was anger later followed with sorrow. An extreme anger to execute all the men responsible for this brutality. Once I started to think further in this, is it just enough to execute these men and will this change the current status of women in our country? The answer came to my mind is definitely, NO! People might start to argue, “then should these men not be punished at all?”. I am not opening an argument here about the level of punishment to be given to these men, but how to take a deeper understanding on why these problems arise in our society?

To give a glimpse of an example from our country’s own history, during the EARLY Vedic period, women enjoyed “Equal Status”. Equal in every field as men! Literature, Archeological evidences and more documents had proved this fact. Women were good at education, arts, self defense, and in so many skills. Women were allowed to choose their husbands, and the parents who gets a girl child were treated like the blessed ones. To give examples from recent culture which we are following now in Hinduism, the Goddesses who represent power, nourishment, creativity and the stories of these Goddesses giving example of being equal to men. Only during the late vedic period, we as Indians started to deteriorate women in the society.

Until a few years back, I had a presumption that girls who tend to take alcohol, or smoke, or dress up illegitimately, defines her as a bad cultured girl. Not just me, I bet there will be lot of girls even now thinking it is the victim’s fault to travel in a bus late evening. This is the way we grown up. This is the exposure we have acquired, our parents had taught us in this way, we learn that never a girl can outperform a boy. With this poor exposure, as a society we are tie-up the girls knowledge, power to think, being strong and creative to the level of her own kitchen. Even today, if the women is a Boss to 10 to 20 people at her workplace, still kitchen is her soul room to share her anger, knowledge, power, creativity and anguish-nous. There is a quite an emergency situation here in our country for a cultural change.

Not the dress, Not the late evening hours, Not the fact that she is alone, it is the ATTITUDE of all men and women in our society that led to this case. I am not blaming just the men, it is also important for every mother to teach and make her son understand how important is a girl to the society. We as an outsider has no rights to question their freedom or no rights to certify their behavior. Still today, there has been many men, not letting their wife to work. We are still in a society were men (husband/brother/father) beats the women of their house. We are still making fun of girls, teasing, analyzing them in front of our own kids.

Girls are not dumb! Girls are not stupid! Women has the power to excel in Men in all field. Thats the reason, in this short period from women getting education, now they are the bosses. Respect the women around you! Your son will learn from you. And being a women, respect yourself and proud to be a woman, your daughter will top the world one day! This is like the seed we sow today, and hopefully will get the fruits in the future!

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