The Knot

It is the rituals, mantras, slogans in sanskrit
giving no meaning towards it to me,

Maybe because I grew up in such a culture
they fueled some thoughts in me.

It is a guava in my father’s hand, together
holding also a hand of mine,

Then comes a gentle hand along with
touching as a third to mine.

Kaniga danam as they called, my dad
giving away my hand to him,

Quickly recognized the ritual, my eyes
having a sharp look towards him.

It is now the sacred thread in a plate
entering the stage with a look on me.

Heart pumping high, eyes flickering fast
body sliding towards
and the soul feeling wonderful
which can never be explained!

-The Knot

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One Response to The Knot

  1. Congrats .Belated marriage wishes.Sudhakar.k(nagercoil e.i)

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