Still an Incredible India!



It is most common with citizens of any country that they realize each country carry its own culture, only when they travel out of their borders. Carrying 1.2 billion people, speaking 22 official languages, following 6 major religions, occupying 7th largest area of the world, INDIA establishes diverse culture even within its own boundaries. Coming from a very small town in the south, I try to post my experience on the culture, nature, history and the pride of India.

With my unawareness to the external world and strange cultural difference, my friends have also questioned me, if I’m coming from some other planet! Indian culture might look strange and crazy to any people (including Indians themselves), who forgets to look at its deepness. Indian culture is strong and modern to travel these many centuries and still alive. I throw few examples of some of the so called strange cultures. No matter what religion or belief one follow, Indians always think food as medicine. One such food, is the use of ‘Turmeric’ which has a high medicinal value and being used by Indians for more than centuries, in almost all its main dish. A funny note – that recently, a US company has patented this! A sore throat – take food with pepper, Indigestion – Crushed ginger with jaggery, Nausea – smell of Lemon and so on. I am not claiming all the natural remedies originated from India, but I’m just claiming a point that Indian culture is deep rooted since 1000s of years and is still hard to be completely uprooted to follow the western modernization.

Recently, a friend shared an article about 108 ways to tie a saree (the traditional Indian dress for women). Added to all its diverse nature, is the diversity in dresses. Even with all the diversities, some common characteristics we share across the country can be taken like this.. With a strong sun in most of the seasons, we Indians have a strong communication pattern; we show our love aloud, we fight aloud, we cry aloud and of course we laugh aloud. Drinking hot coffee or tea will be the favorite option to do when the sun’s heat is just above the head. It is always very easy to communicate with a total stranger in a bus/train journey. It is also the case that we pray for our country to win a match of cricket. Celebrities from film industries are also praised equivalently. A family is never small; it always includes at least one circle relatives. Parent-children is a never ending bonding with children being always the first priority for the parents. Respect to the elders and mostly believe that elders and teachers know better than an individual. We celebrate all religions’ festivals. It is a public holiday for most of the main festivals. I believe, no other country in this world prioritizing any minority religions’ festive seasons!

By just listing a positive aspect, will be a biased blog. India is not a perfect country, it has flaws just like all other countries in this world. First thing to remember is that India is the biggest Democratic country. With this population and all the diversity is never an easy task to Govern and move economically stronger in a short time. If all European countries are joined and formed as a single country, then it can be India. There are rivalry within the country, poverty still persists, more than half of the population are not reachable to basic amenities, infrastructure of the country has to be improved a lot, in addition a big scary path against women and corrupt system. This just being the 66th year of Independence, isn’t the world expecting too much from a democratic country with about 1/3rd of the world’s population to grow drastically? Of course, with better politicians, things can be much better, but still this is never the worst.

With sharing the borders with Himalyas, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, India has distinguished geographical regions. In all these extreme cultural differences, we are one single country always proud of. I will ask people from west to travel, explore Indian culture to see the other world. India is developing in economy, technology, infrastructure, and soon will be there where you are expecting us!


Kanyakumari (Southern tip of India)

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3 Responses to Still an Incredible India!

  1. PKBhaba says:

    Very interesting. Good.
    “With all the extreme cultural differences, we are one single country always proud of.” – Excellent realistic statement.


  2. M.Jeya says:

    Hi Sathya
    Photographs are nice.
    Your wright up shows the love you have for the country and your statement is true

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