Women’s Day Special – 2014

This blog, I would like to dedicate to all the women in this world. Being a young woman, I come across many inspiring & successful women in different fields. Here, I want to point out few, who I met, spent time with, talked to, worked with and so on..

ImageTo start with My Mom! She came from the time when education for girl child is considered waste of time & money. She completed her MBBS, MD, PhD! She is now a successful Head of a Dept, running many researches and leading a team. By nature, she is Silent but a Powerful woman. Her Boldness to face any hard situations in life, her Self-confidence to challenge any circumstance the world threw at, her Optimistic thoughts on every step she takes forward, her Practicality to observe the real world, her Simplicity to make the world a better place and her Independent nature on decision making are all just astounding. Making the family run with two kids, and exploring new things in her career, she managed both in a fantastic way. The way she handles problem is polite but strong has made me think. She is just who she is, nobody can replace her. None of us would help her in home. She enjoys what she does. Each morning, she listens to music, she dances, she sings along, she cooks (breakfast & lunch), she clean the home, she help me & brother get going, she chit chats with us, she sometimes do yoga and get ready to work. And in the evening, again cooking, watching TV, preparing for next day work, closely watching all of us & sleeping. With all these, she is the one giving best advices even to relatives. These days I wonder, how did she really manage?! I admire her to be a perfect woman. She is a real super-woman for sure. I’m always proud of her. My Mom.


Another woman in my life – my Mother-in-law. Her character is astonishing. Though she didn’t get the possibilities for higheducation, her boldness to talk to any people is wonderful. She is more Expressive, her face can easily tell what she is thinking, her knowledge to talk to different people about different things, her bold Straight-forward answers to the face and all the cooking techniques she hold. The fast learning capability that she bears make me wonder. Either it can be car brands, or local political system, or up-trending news, she will know about. Just with her broken english, she made a beautiful conversations with a Swedish friend of ours. I have many more years to come to learn from her. My Mother-in-law.

ImageMy Chechi (Sister)! She is not just my sister, she is kind of Guardian Angel for whoever knows her. I first met her in her bharathanatyam performance. By birth she is Swedish, by soul she is always more Indian. The beauty, the perfection, the smile, the warmth, I felt all at my first meeting with her. Later her friendship, made me just fell inspired with her characters. The full fledged energy, always the smile in her face, the love she holds in her eyes, the way she make her home, the motherhood she bears just amazing. She is multi-talented woman. She speaks many languages, she dances many different types of dances, she run, she sings, she directs movies, she is very creative, she is a beautiful mother, she loves all, she is very artistic. Positive, Bold and Energetic. I used to wonder always, How she gets this much positive energy everyday!!


Coming from an orthodox Muslim family, the knowledge and rational thoughts she hold was just remarkable. My friend Abu’s Mom. Luckily, I had the possibility to spend a week with her. The hunger to learn new things everyday can be noticed at her eyes. She is unfortunate to give-up her dream to become a Doctor. Her passion to educate herself until the latest technologies, to study from the environment, to observe the culture, to analyze from lives of others and many more. She follows her religion in an intelligent way. Her independent nature, the way she looks into life and future are just phenomenal. Self-employed, simple, and extraordinary. I learnt the strive for learning new things and a woman can be bold & independent in any circumstances.

The list doesn’t stop here. Each woman, I come across has their own speciality & uniqueness. And I always want to learn from them. I will be very happy to mention a few with their personal best (my opinion) here. My grand ma (aachi) – For her consistent Love, My two best chithis(aunts) – intelligent home makers, Preethi – beautiful communicator, Aarthi – unselfish love, My besties Jaysh – Authoritative & Sundu – search for your passion/purpose, Abu – being independent, Deepthi – dedication, Malin – organized (again how she gets time for all?!), Monica – being always sweet, Nina – Football player, Sahar – friendly, Mahsa – daring, Dipti – expressive and many many many more..

I also like to note that with all these women, it is also the man, part of their life who supported! A humble thanks to all Men.. During this Women’s day, I wanted to remember all the women who made impact on my life. My LIVE examples are more cherishing than reading from dream women in books! Happy Women’s Day 2014!

(P.S: The names are selected in this way, just to add some variety while reading 😉 )

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7 Responses to Women’s Day Special – 2014

  1. Jagadeep Ram says:

    Thank you Sathya for sharing about the people who inspired you. It is wonderful to read about them and refresh our positive energy. Such stories can be very cheerful not only for women but for everyone who wants to over come their hurdles and to reach success line.

    • Sathya says:

      Thanks Jaga.. There is always inspirational people around us.. We are just not noticing them and searching somewhere else.. Glad that you liked it! Thanks for your comments.

  2. ramyadeivamani says:

    Ya sathy,u r right. I missed to notice it in all way in my life.. But I am doing nowadays. I like ur Awsome lines.

  3. PKBhaba says:


  4. Nice article on womens day!
    this article show your motivation towards learning things from people around you..
    keep going author.

  5. Rahul says:

    This article is far more inspiring than any other of yours. Just Keep it going!

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