Who is a better music director in India : Illayaraja or AR Rahman?

Answer by Sathyamyla Kanthabhabhajeya:

Born in the time of Illayaraja and grown up with ARR, I definitely pick ARR. As I always tell to my friends, voting for ARR doesn’t mean I don’t like Illayaraja. Both share similar characters.

  • Both of them are genius.
  • Both are simple and down to earth.
  • Both touched highest of peaks in their profession.
  • Both love music.
  • Both experiment new things into music.
  • Both knew the pulse of the audience.
  • Both are living legends.

Mentioning all these similarities, why ARR went one step ahead in my view is: His border-less music journey and experiments. People criticize him for westernizing our music. But, he is making us travel to different countries, see different cultures, feel different sounds and enjoy through his music.

Language, distance, culture, are not the boundary for music. ARR’s experiments on bringing in new sound from combining different small instruments is always a hit. He searches for the best artist, finds specialist from nook and corner of the world, bring them to light. He gives importance to each and every note that is played and the combination as an album.

At this moment, I also agree, Illayaraja do his experiments in a different areas. But, I just like ARRs. Never ever bored of his musics. Here are some which makes to feel the music in the heart..

1. With a good headphones or home theatre, one can notice many different small instruments that he takes along..

2. In this one can feel how the song floats in the beginning and bring in energy to the end..

3. Always his voice is a plus..

4. Anybody can feel any religion

5. International recognition.. The time he and his team spend to find the talented one.. just amazing.. What a mix of sounds!

6. A recent super dooper hit melody..

7. He knows exactly when to use drums and to what level..

8. Again with his voice and the music.. whenever a NRI hears this song, would make him/her think to book a ticket to India..

9. His introduction.. After being pianist for Illayaraja.. here is his ever green work with piano..

10. Vandemataram.. A new version.. A new life..

I definitely have missed a lot of his best.. Pls welcome to add it to the comments.. Love ARR.. And definitely Like Illayaraja..

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One Response to Who is a better music director in India : Illayaraja or AR Rahman?

  1. Rahul says:

    I definitely agree with you! Its pretty impressive what they have brought to us! Lyricist are also should be definitely given credit, without them their music would be like a body with soul! Especially the like of Vaali, Vairamuthu and new generations people!

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