Superstitions exists, all across the Globe!

In response to: Coins to wish

My very first wish as ImageI could remember was in the main “Natarajar Temple” at Chidambaram, a small town in India. I was may be 11 or 12. It is not a fountain but a water well. Many people wishes and drops a coin in there. More than belief, I’m so curious to do that. First time, I think, I wished for to get a dress which I wanted so badly for my Birthday. Of course, I got it, by convincing my Dad. I had wished many things after that by dropping coins in the well. To pass in an exam, to get a bicycle, to get good scores, to get a job and so many more. Almost everything I wished for, came true! Or, I won’t wish anything that will not happen for real! I thought, this is only being followed in India, where many cultures mix and we Indians like some sweet sentiments & superstitions.

It turned out, its everywhere across the globe. My first visit to Rome and the Fontana di ImageTrevi surprised me. Where I came across the same superstition. I also wished and dropped a coin in the fountain. This time my wish didn’t turn out! I was also making a coin wish during my second trip to Rome, even then it didn’t come true. Now, I’m thinking, may be it is just the wells that actually bring the wishes true and not fountains!

Yet another funny belief is the lock and key for lovers. This, I experienced for the first time in Krakow, Poland. And later noticed, this sentiment is in almost all major cities in Europe. One another best part of the coins wish is even the duplicate Trevi fountain in Las Vegas had some coins inside! 😀 People across the globe where ever you are likes to follow some strange beliefs including me!!

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10 Responses to Superstitions exists, all across the Globe!

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  8. make a wish that always come true..

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  10. Mr. Atheist says:

    So many fountains, so few coins!

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