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Letter – Short Story

An evening with clouds dashing aloud, wind making the flowers to nod along, it’s this amazing smell of soil, small raindrops touching my hands, I rush towards a shop close by. Oh, something almost smashed. A purple envelope, with golden … Continue reading

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A Proud Indian

To Daily Post Being born in a country where they use chilli for almost all dishes, one could easily guessed my stand for Ring of Fire! It has always been misunderstood adding chilli makes the food spicy. It is not … Continue reading

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Sleep Like a Baby!

A famous phrase – ‘Sleep Like a Baby’, referring to sound sleep! Is this anywhere close to truth? Being a friend of new parents, I saw their struggle to make the baby sleep. Dad & Mom take turns to be awake … Continue reading

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Young Heart Always!

The nature is to grow old. A new born baby grow old to be a child. A child to a teen, A teen to a youth, A youth to a middle aged, And then to an adult (just we call … Continue reading

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Superstitions exists, all across the Globe!

In response to: Coins to wish My very first wish as I could remember was in the main “Natarajar Temple” at Chidambaram, a small town in India. I was may be 11 or 12. It is not a fountain but … Continue reading

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Who is a better music director in India : Illayaraja or AR Rahman?

Answer by Sathyamyla Kanthabhabhajeya: Born in the time of Illayaraja and grown up with ARR, I definitely pick ARR. As I always tell to my friends, voting for ARR doesn’t mean I don’t like Illayaraja. Both share similar characters. Both … Continue reading

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What are some things Indians should learn from the rest of the world?

Answer by Sathya: About Me: Grown up in India for more than 20 years and living in Sweden for more than 5 years. I would like to be more specific to one particular point that we Indians need to learn … Continue reading

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