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Young Heart Always!

The nature is to grow old. A new born baby grow old to be a child. A child to a teen, A teen to a youth, A youth to a middle aged, And then to an adult (just we call … Continue reading

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Beauty of Gothenburg

After discussing some strong topics, this is time to take something light. Beauty of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden from my first sight which is now before 4 years and plus. Ofcourse I was young and my first … Continue reading

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மாற்றம் ஒன்றே மாறாதது

We all know the saying of Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and All the men and the women are mere actors”! This has several meanings, one stating we humans tend to cross different stages of life, the other meaning … Continue reading

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Zeee Booom Baaa

I will              Move the clouds, make to shed its rain in drought.. I will              Give a smile, in hearts of poor people.. I will         … Continue reading

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Twists & Thrills

Imagine yourself driving a car alone on a long straight road with no much scenery alongside. No traffic, no chasing, no music, no bumps and no curves. After a very few minute, the pressure of boring knocks at the head. Our hands, … Continue reading

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Beauty of Autumn… Through the eyes of my iPhone 4…    

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