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Young Heart Always!

The nature is to grow old. A new born baby grow old to be a child. A child to a teen, A teen to a youth, A youth to a middle aged, And then to an adult (just we call … Continue reading

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Superstitions exists, all across the Globe!

In response to: Coins to wish My very first wish as I could remember was in the main “Natarajar Temple” at Chidambaram, a small town in India. I was may be 11 or 12. It is not a fountain but … Continue reading

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Women’s Day Special – 2014

This blog, I would like to dedicate to all the women in this world. Being a young woman, I come across many inspiring & successful women in different fields. Here, I want to point out few, who I met, spent … Continue reading

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Cultural Emergency

A terrifying incident which made many Indian citizens to think, talk and discuss about women rights, equalities, socio-cultural change in society is the Delhi Gang rape of a 23 year old girl. Though there has been so many brutal and … Continue reading

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மாற்றம் ஒன்றே மாறாதது

We all know the saying of Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and All the men and the women are mere actors”! This has several meanings, one stating we humans tend to cross different stages of life, the other meaning … Continue reading

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Zeee Booom Baaa

I will              Move the clouds, make to shed its rain in drought.. I will              Give a smile, in hearts of poor people.. I will         … Continue reading

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What To Do?

Recently, I asked a question to my Indian friends “Do you think, is this the right time to start doing something for our country, rather than pointing out other’s faults?”  — The answer in most people’s mind is YES! Absolutely! … Continue reading

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